Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its almost time....

Soooo. I mixed the last song from my album and this shit is finally done. October 7th is the date of release. Here is the tracklisting

1. I'm Coming feat Black Milk and Nottz
2. Gangsta Boy feat MOP
3. The Truth feat Freeway and Brother Ali
4. Turn it Down
5. God Like feat D Black
6. Bless the Child feat Little Brother
7. Oh Really feat Pos and Slug
8. Hi
9. Trap Door feat MF Doom
10. Dead Wrong feat Young Buck
11. Kissin the Curb feat Bishop and Busta
12. How We Ride feat Freeway
13. White Van feat Alchemist, Evidence and Prodigy
14. Big Homie Style feat J Pinder, GMK and Spaceman
15. Scared feat Blueprint
16. Great Sound
17. Get Er Done feat MF Doom
18. Feeling My Shit feat Casual
19. Soil Raps feat Keak da Sneak
20. Glow feat Elzhi and Royce da 5'9
21. RIP
22. Home feat Vitamin D, C Note, Maneak B and Ish
Damn that's a lot of songs! Going to be updating this blog relatively frequently and posting (blogging?) about all types of ish.


TROX Diesel said...

that lineup is rediculous, cant wait for the album.. shits gonna be crazy

Sherpaco said...

finally an album that I'm actually HYPED for!

MTK said...

Can't wait for the LP. When I cop it I'm gonna hop in my car and skip to "Hi" first though, I don't know why

officer d said...


Thurston said...

This without a doubt WILL be some spectacular shit.

Suge White said...

This will be the second rap cd that i will actually buy this year.

Good shit, jake.

James said...

Yo Jake, why no H-Bomb?

Anonymous said...

this is gonna be some sick shit. definitely copping it.

Talksick said...

On that track with Busta, is that Bishop(Oldominion) or Bishop Lamont?

totes said...


Vatkeezy said...

God damn fam, you did "Glow"?! Bananas... congrats on a the LP, looks like a classic.

David said...

I will be coppin this joint 253 reppin 206. Between you and Statik Selektah's new joint, it's gonna be heat rox this fall!!

Jake Uno said...

james said...
Yo Jake, why no H-Bomb?

Haven't seen H in a minute. Maybe I'll dig up some old stuff I did with him and put it up

Jake Uno said...

talksick said...
On that track with Busta, is that Bishop(Oldominion) or Bishop Lamont?

Bishop Lamont, I do have a couple songs with Bishop I that we did in the early 2000's. Somebody got those shits.

Meet The Producers said...

Dope shit. I already know this shit gonna bump hard

Anonymous said...

is it comming out on vinyl????

DJ Nphared said...

This is gonna be certified crip cuh loco'ness

niKITa said...

Jake, please read through this letter up to the end. Excuse me for all attempts to deceive you and to elicit a song, which you have made with your friend Malay.
I was happy, when once on have found out from you the letter, in which you have given the link to, where you have sent for me "Jake Alert" track.
But the matter is that the link by then has already expired, I was not in time to download within 7 days your track (the Internet didn't work). I understand, that any work should be paid. Therefore I also have suggested you to sell to me "Jake Alert" track. I thought, that it is right.
Maybe you something collect too, Jake? So you'll understand me, because I collect all music from "Fast and Furious" films. In my collection 64 songs from three parts. And I do not have only two tracks:

"Say Aah"
Written by Chad Elliot, Arthur Javonn Alexander, Shawna & Tracey A. Horton
Performed by Shawna
Courtesy of Def Jam Records
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
(from "The Fast and The Furious" film)

"Jake Alert"
Written by James Ho, Jacob Dutton
Performed by Jake One with Malay
Courtesy of White Van Music / Money Management Group
(from "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" film)

I read in your blogs, that on October 7th you'll issue album. But there will not be this track...
Please, Jake, I ask you to help me with my hobby and to give one more chance to receive from you "Jake Alert" track. I promise, that I never forget it. I hope that you, Jake, will answer this letter...
Good-bye, Nikita Novikov.

Roman said...

dude, i don't even buy music these days because i'm so broke, but i will run to the store for this. tons of my favorite mcs with your beats... i'm there.

s.DoT {GS} said...

this shit is gunna be crazy..much props..u killed it last night at the Producer battle @ 9:30

Anonymous said...

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