Monday, August 25, 2008

Town Bizness pt. 1

For people in Seattle, Bellingham is pretty much known to people in the town as the place where your flop homies go to college because they couldn't get in to UW. Times are changing though! My dude Malay is making a name for the "ham"? and people probably have no idea.

I met Malay thru Redskin in 05. Skizzle was telling me that we should work together and eventually we linked up. Dude pretty much blew me away (pause) with his talent on ALL instruments and we started doin beats together. One of the first one's we did turned into this

Hot Rod feat Mary J Blige "Be Easy"

Before working with Malay I didn't really think it was possible to get the sound I wanted without using samples. He definitely opened my eyes to the other side. We did a ton of beats in a couple of months (some of em are on my album) and eventually I took off for Oakland and Malay moved to NY. While I was wrapped up in G Unit world Malay kept on his grind for a couple years and eventually made some serious power moves! Chilling on Making the Band, bowling with Usher, you know that superstar shit lol. You also might have seen this video

Big Boi feat Mary J Blige "Something's Gotta Give"

or this one!

John Legend feat Andre 3K "Green Light"

Malay has a bunch of stuff coming up that will continue to be blappin. Keep a eye out for him. Town Bizness maine b/w of Bellingham.


Lucas said...
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Lucas said...

holy shit! i knew he'd make it eventually!

abstract said...

whats the first song called? video is not available...

Max Nihilo said...

Wow, pretty interesting story behind. I, as a musician, truly envy musicians who are capable of playing many instruments.

santino groves. said...
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David said...

Good look on puttin me on to Malay... I gotta gang of cats that went up to the Ham... I'm in the 253 n WILL be coppin the White Van joint. Keep doin it!!

ndrwmtsn said...

that's dope.

cool *pause* tho, what are 16?

srsly, i had no idea about this guy and i blogged about that big boi song before...i was def not knowing about malay.