Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Revolutionary

For my 2nd day of Town Bizness week I found a old song from 22nd Precinct called "Mr. Revolutionary". 22nd Precinct was a 3 group with rappers Samson S and Southpaw with DJ Swift on the wheels. Samson S goes in on Trustafarian rappers over the Lonnie Smith drums and some strings. Nothing screams early 90's more than that break. Samson was actually a dope producer and was sampling the soul records even back in 93.

I've known Samson since the mid 90's and he's one of the people in my circle whose opinion I actually value. Dude is a music fiend like nobody else I know. He is one of the most blunt, direct people I've ever met. I would play stuff for him back in the day and he would give the constructive criticism I needed to get better. For instance early on when I was making beats I had a good feel for doing drums and putting samples on them but that was IT. I had no sense of harmony and really wasn't even thinking of it for the most part. I couldn't even play a basic bassline. Instead of bullshittin me, Samfry would let me know how underdeveloped my music was and eventually I improved upon my weaknesses. When I gave him a copy of WVM, I figured I had done a pretty good job because he genuinely liked it.

Somebody needs to get my dude a cpu and some internet access because he was one of the more entertaining posters on a message board in history! Check his column in the now defunct Tablet magazine for some of his writing.


Anonymous said...

damn how did i miss this post?

samson provided me a lot of similar insight as far as CR and my writing, and i definitely looked up to him @ the Tablet. he would never agree but he's a great writer, no pretense or bullshit, just real- and hilarious- perspectives.

i always told him i was a fan of 22nd, and "The Great Outdoors" was my jam, considering i was actually homeless when it came out. (real fucken talk fam)

if i could i'd personally install him some cable internet if i could get him to post on raindrop & 206proof

good looking on this cut, i never heard it. if there's a wealth of 22nd/Samson & Swift you got in the vaults, lemme know bout it.

Chris Moonry said...

Hey Jake will you be in Austin for SXSW? I am putting together the mailing list for happy hour, and wanted to send an invite.

You can write me at
chris(DOT)mooney AT sacksco DOT COM


Jingle said...

Nice Post

B Even said...

this Was Recorded At Jamie Eastland's house on beacon hill in 1993. It Was Recorded in one live take using the asr 10. Mr. Eastland Was one Of The Only One's in town to have Asr 10 At the time, the other being M.C. Class. He Was Also The D.J. and Beatmaker for 22nd. Along with Samson S. from 93 to about 94. I just ran in to Mr. Eastland for The 1st Time In About Ten years and he play me some new music he was working on and the shit was INSANE!

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legendofzeldalove said...

okay, this question has nothing to do with this blog but, ima give it a shot anyway.So i live in chicago and im trying to put an album together...and i need some electronic synth sounding beats mixed with some soul...anyway the reason you cought my attention was because you basically said, music that starts out sweet and then hits you with a fat beat seems to always ressonate with listeners.and I have noticed the same thing over and over again. well thats what I want man...but I wanna have some shit that is so different, when people hear it they can't help but remember my name, and notice my sound... now i'm sure everybody says the same shit...but i can honestly say the shit i got in mind i've never heard before. anyway i don't expect you to take my word for it, but i would like to send you a demo when it's how would i go about that?